[Gift of love for your special person] Dried flower arrangement (how to order a dried flower arrangement for beginners)


[Gift of love for your special person] Dried flower arrangement (how to order a dried flower arrangement for beginners)



1️⃣ [Before ordering]

2️⃣ [When ordering (Part 1)]

3️⃣ [When ordering (Part 2)]

This theme will be explained in the above three parts.

By the way, this time, it is 2️⃣ [When ordering (Part 1)].


◼️ A gift for a special person for you
Those who are worried about what to give

◼️ Those who have never given a flower gift

◼️ For the first time, a dried flower arrangement
Those who are thinking of giving

This article is recommended for the above people.

[Gift for a special person] Dried flower arrangement (how to order a dried flower arrangement of your choice)


I myself used to give women flower gifts a lot, but

Perhaps most Japanese men are not accustomed to giving flowers to women.


◼️ So, I would like to introduce the reason why I started giving flowers to women.

❣️ My own private story is published only in this blog. ❣️

I’m ashamed to say that I used to be shy about giving flowers to women, and I couldn’t even buy flowers at a flower shop.

My first flower shop debut was when I was a college student.

The person who gave the flower was a junior woman in high school.

She was a friend and not a lover.

But for me, she is a very important friend.

The day she graduated from high school, she presented flowers to her parents’ home.



◼️ For my first flower gift, I chose all the flowers in the arrangement.

I wanted to put in each flower a feeling for her that I couldn’t express in words.

Of course she was very happy.

Her delighted voice came to me over the telephone handset.

She was crying.

I loved her and loved her.
(But he is also a junior and an important friend.)

The figure that the person who gave the flower is pleased

And the power of flowers that impresses the recipient

Presenting flowers is the best way to delight the other party

Having witnessed these impressions, I have been giving flowers to women since then.

This was my flower shop debut.



For those of you who have read this article so far, the hurdles for flowers have been lowered a little.


“If you’re so happy, you can give a flower.”

I think that the idea has changed.

Even those who have never given flowers can create an impression that pleases the other party.

The flower you choose will impress the other person with your own beauty.

Well, it was a very long introduction, but it is finally the main subject.



This article is a commentary on how you can choose your own flowers and order the design of your dried flower arrangement with the advice of a florist.

I will explain in detail in steps ① to ⑤.
① How to choose a shop

② Size and budget

③ How to decide the overall image of the dried flower arrangement

④ How to choose dry flower

⑤ How to use the message card

⑥ How to hand over to the other party


By the way, in the introduction, my “florist debut” story has become long, so I will do the above procedure next time.


“Do you want to know more about the relationship with her who gave flowers?”

I see!

I understand.

Next to the explanation of flower selection, I would like to talk a little.

Please enjoy the next article again.



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