[Gift of love for your special person] Dried flower arrangement (how to order a dried flower arrangement for beginner men)


[Gift of love for your special person] Dried flower arrangement (how to order a dried flower arrangement for beginner men)



1️⃣ [Before ordering]

2️⃣ [When ordering (Part 1)]

3️⃣ [When ordering (Part 2)]

This theme will be explained in the above three parts.

By the way, this time, it is 3️⃣ [when ordering (second part)].


◼️ A gift for a special person for you
Those who are worried about what to give

◼️ Those who have never given a flower gift

◼️ For the first time, a dried flower arrangement
Those who are thinking of giving

This article is recommended for the above people.


[Gift of love for your special person] Dried flower arrangement (how to order a dried flower arrangement for beginners)

[Gift for a special person] Dried flower arrangement (how to order a dried flower arrangement of your choice)

◼️ This is the final post on this title theme.

If you are a beginner male, please read from the past articles to deepen your understanding.

It’s a must-see because my adolescent love affair has been boldly released.

Only here, if it becomes inconvenient, there is a high possibility that it will be deleted later.


This article is a commentary on how you can choose your own flowers and order the design of your dried flower arrangement with the advice of a florist.

I will explain in detail in steps ① to ⑤.

① How to choose a shop

② Size and budget

③ How to decide the overall image of the dried flower arrangement

④ How to choose dry flower

⑤ How to use the message card

⑥ How to hand over to the other party



① How to choose a shop

◼️ When choosing a shop, please check the following.

1. Being able to make dried flower arrangements

2. A wide variety of dried flowers (or a wide variety of handling)

3. Delivery service to the designated location


The above three confirmation points are quite important.

For 1., look at the arrangements displayed in the shop and check if there is something close to your taste or the design you want to request.


For 2., please ask the clerk directly.

Take your favorite image or the display in the store as an example, and ask, “What kind of design can you make other than this arrangement?

I would like to see a sample photo.”

Let’s decide the shop by sensuously judging whether your favorite is likely to be possible.


Regarding 3., if you haven’t decided whether you want to give the flowers directly or from the shop when you give them flowers, can you handle either? So let’s choose a shop.

If you have already decided, if you want to hand it over from the shop, you need to check whether the designated place is the corresponding area.

Large chain stores also have the advantage of having a large delivery coverage area.



② Size and budget

◼️ The relationship between the size of the dried flower arrangement and the budget
[The larger the size, the higher the price]

So decide whether you want to prioritize size or budget.

However, I would like to mention a very important thing here.

1. A nice looking arrangement is expensive

2. The reasonably priced items on the display are often artificial flowers.

3. If you arrange everything with only dried flowers, the price will be higher


To summarize these points,

◼️ If you don’t set a budget limit, you can arrange everything with dried flowers

◼️ If you want to keep your budget down, but also want to stick to dried flowers, mix a little artificial flowers and arrange.

Also, as another point,

◼️ Among dried flowers, Kasumi-sou is added to the arrangement as a flower that is relatively inexpensive and effective for increasing the volume of the arrangement.


③ How to decide the overall image of the dried flower arrangement

Pay attention to the display inside the flower shop of your choice.

Is there an arrangement of designs that catches your eye?

If you have an image in your head, explain it to the clerk and he will show you a photo of the arrangement with the matching design from the past sample photos.

It would be nice if the clerk could understand everything in one explanation, but it is not easy.

We will check the photos that are close to the overall image, and then make adjustments to bring them closer to the image by referring to the catalog photos of dried flowers.

④ How to choose dry flower

As you can see in the title of this article

“Dried flower arrangement for beginner men”

It is intended for people who have little knowledge of dried flowers, but at first no one has any knowledge, and there is no way to know how to choose and combine them.

Of course, I didn’t know at first.
Now that I have acquired the knowledge, if you are a beginner, please consult with the clerk.

You can also use the method of “Leave everything within your budget!”, But by using the dried flowers of your choice, you can expect to improve the level of the dried flower arrangement, and make it a gift. I can.

When you give your dried flower arrangement to the other party, you should be able to talk with the other party, such as how you chose the flowers for the arrangement.


⑤ How to use the message card

When you order flowers at a flower shop, they usually come with a message card. There are many free services, so please consult with the clerk.

I use or do not use the message card depending on the mood at that time, but if you are giving flowers for the first time, please use the message card.

If you do not feel the benefit of the message card, you will not use it from the next time, so please use it once.

Lighter messages are more appropriate for message cards than heavy ones, but if you give them directly, use both your own words and the message card when making a confession of love to the other person. However, the range of surprise production will expand.

In the light message, I have also used words of gratitude and congratulations on anniversaries.


⑥ How to hand over to the other party

Now it’s time to give your partner your dried flower arrangement.

This moment is the most exciting and tense time.

[The completion of your dried flower arrangement will be decided when you give it to the other party]

The situation when giving to the other party is very important.

If possible, we recommend that you hand it over directly, but if you are far away, ask the shop for delivery.


◼️ At this time, there is something very important.

The important thing is …

I will tell you about that important thing in the next article.

Don’t miss it next time!




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