Osteosarcoma Survivor Dancer

∽ Life lessons learned in one episode ∽

Infinite possibilities await in the
unknown world.

Because you change yourself
The chance given to fate.

What I find “fun and happy”
It is every god. The road is surely


Osteosarcoma Survivor Dancer


I am a former professional dancer.

Believe it or not, despite developing osteosarcoma at the base of the right foot

About 20 years after the onset of osteosarcoma, I became a professional dancer.

No, the people around me probably thought that I couldn’t believe it.

I developed osteosarcoma at the base of my right foot in the summer of 10 years old.

From the area of ​​the lower abdomen to the base of the foot, it looks abnormally swollen,

It was suspected that the metastasis of cancer cells had spread over a wide area.

The doctor in charge seems to have expected a desperate result from my condition.

Therefore, it seems that amputation of the right foot from the base was also considered in the surgical plan.

My doctor explained to me about amputation of my right leg and confirmed my consent.

Amputation of the right leg will have a huge impact on my future life.

If my right leg was amputated at that time

Life experiences now and up to now may have had completely different results.

∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽One stage ∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽∽

The aerobics female instructor’s shouts accentuate the movement.

I felt the assist effect to bring out my physical strength comfortably.

Even at the end of the game when the remaining amount of physical strength is the limit, mysterious power comes out.

The instructor’s shouts are indispensable for aerobics.

By the time I left the studio, I was squeezed to the limit, and my feet were fluttering.

But more than that, my mind and body were filled with exhilaration and fulfillment.

From this day on, I fell in love with aerobics.

In addition to aerobics, this sports gym’s studio lesson menu includes

There were training menus such as circuit training and boxing, but I was addicted to aerobics.

After experiencing aerobics, I thought that moving my body was such a fun thing.

For me with a chronic illness, this experience was of an unknown world,
and gave me confidence and courage in the future.

Aerobics and shouts, which, by their synergistic effect, attract the people there,

It was like a magical technique that transformed the space into a world full of power.

It was a mysterious space where people in that space could draw out their power and exchange each other.

Obviously it burns a lot of calories in terms of luck,

The feeling of exhilaration and fulfillment after leaving the studio outweighs the feeling of fatigue.

After watching a movie of a hero, it feels like a hero of the leading role and quickly leaves the movie theater.

It’s strange because I even feel a sense of accomplishment that resembles the feeling at that time.

I was completely struck by “this magic”.

Of course, not only me, but the members of the gym who participated there should be the same.

The members who attended the aerobics studio lessons were always the same.

About a month after I started this lesson, how long has it passed?

I was casually approached by an aerobics participant.

I never imagined that it would be a big turning point in my life as a dancer.

After that, I will meet important people who will be greatly involved in my life.

◆ Life lessons that can be learned
in one episode ◆

① Infinite possibilities in the
unknown world

waiting. It’s a chance given to your
destiny as you change yourself.

② I myself said “I’m happy and happy”

What I feel is God.
The road is surely right.



At the age of 10, one in one million people develops a rare cancer (osteosarcoma).
Cancer notification, amputation of right leg and life expectancy from the attending physician. From my own experience, I would like to convey the hearts of cancer patients, especially children with childhood cancer, to the world.