[What happened to me at the age of 10] Trials that cannot be escaped

At just 10 years old, I faced an inescapable test in this world.

that is,

Very empty,

Very quiet,

It was like being in a special space.

Around me is a thin, transparent veil,

I can hear the voice of the outside world,

I didn’t feel the wind so much.


I felt a lump of warm, warm air hitting my skin.

I remember feeling lighter.

Around this time,

To me

I couldn’t get the words that made me feel uncomfortable,

Not long ago

I think I heard a lot of words that made my spirit unmaintainable.

Not long ago,

My dad found a feature in my palmistry.

I didn’t have any knowledge of palmistry, but I was shocked by the features that appeared in my palmistry.

“The lifeline is broken”

I still vividly remember this time.

It was a shock.

I was shocked to see that my future was gone.

“Isn’t God only aware of the future that hasn’t come yet?”

Is it something that can be decided so easily?


I was disappointed that my future had been decided so easily that I could confirm it.


On the day of being sentenced to life expectancy

For me, who is only 10 years old, “death” was the scariest thing in the world.

Facts happening to myself

Heavy and stuffy

Never escape by any means

I couldn’t accept this reality after all


Long before I knew the word “escapism”

I escaped from reality.


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At the age of 10, one in one million people develops a rare cancer (osteosarcoma).
Cancer notification, amputation of right leg and life expectancy from the attending physician. From my own experience, I would like to convey the hearts of cancer patients, especially children with childhood cancer, to the world.