101 Ways to Fight Cancer NO1

101 ways I think of as a cancer survivor
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How to fight cancer No1

[Getting to know your cancer well]


First of all, if you don’t know who you are fighting against, you cannot win even if you fight.

🔷 When you’re fighting, it’s important to look closely at your opponent.

The same is true for cancer.


Just knowing who you are fighting against

The anxiety about the fight will disappear.

I developed osteosarcoma when I was 10 years old, but at first I had no knowledge or information about my cancer.

🔷 It’s okay to be slow.

The first is to get to know your cancer by reading a book, researching it, or asking your doctor about it.

If you have a cancer survivor like me around you, ask them a lot of questions and let them know.


[Examples of questions for cancer survivors]

・ Symptoms such as pain when the cancer progresses and how to deal with it

・ Cancer treatment method and its flow

・ Preparing before surgery and being careful after surgery

・ How to return to society while treating

・ How to interact with follow-up and long-term treatment and how to think


[Examples of questions for cancer patients in the same hospital]

・ Meals and how to spend time in the hospital room

・ About treatment methods such as therapeutic drugs and surgery

・ Cases such as side effects such as anticancer drugs and radiation therapy
Prior knowledge


Then, a very strange thing happens.

It is “free from cancer”.

In my case, the more I knew about my cancer, the less burden I had of having cancer.

I thought at that time.

[Knowing about the cancer in your body will change your fear of cancer]

🔷 I think there will be a change in the way we look at cancer and the way we think about developing cancer.

The idea of ​​”fighting cancer” may change a little.

Try [Getting to know your cancer well].

I would like to expect some kind of change in feelings.

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At the age of 10, one in one million people develops a rare cancer (osteosarcoma).
Cancer notification, amputation of right leg and life expectancy from the attending physician. From my own experience, I would like to convey the hearts of cancer patients, especially children with childhood cancer, to the world.