〖Short story〗 Happiness Fountain [A story I draw as a childhood cancer survivor]

It is said that all the diseases in the world will be completely cured by taking a sip of the water that springs from the “Fountain of Happiness”.

Any intractable disease in the world can be cured quickly and there is no need to worry about recurrence.

No one knows where the “fountain of happiness” is in the world.

It has become common sense in the world that it does not exist, and the existence of the “fountain of happiness” is disappearing from people’s memories as a mere dream story.

🔷 Background to the writing of short stories

I developed childhood cancer in the summer of 10 years old. It was 40 years ago. At that time, there were still few cases, and it was a rare cancer that was said to have an onset probability of 1 in 1 million people, and it is called osteosarcoma.
The probability of survival in the event of onset was also extremely low.
At that time, I was in a situation where there was no way to do it.
It was comfortable to fantasize and was the only light of hope.

🔷 In this world,

“Is there any magic that can cure any intractable disease in an instant?”

“Is there a coloring drug that cures cancer?”

“Isn’t it possible to cure osteosarcoma with medicine alone?”

“Where is the spring fountain that cures all intractable diseases with just a sip?”

“I wish I had it”

“I hope it arrives suddenly”

I was comforting my heart with such a fantasy.

“I want you to be a lie that you got cancer!”

“I want you to make a mistake in diagnosis!”

However, the reality is harsh

It will definitely come to you.

In my opinion,

🔷 Have the image that cancer will be cured





At the age of 10, one in one million people develops a rare cancer (osteosarcoma).
Cancer notification, amputation of right leg and life expectancy from the attending physician. From my own experience, I would like to convey the hearts of cancer patients, especially children with childhood cancer, to the world.