101 Ways to Fight Cancer NO4

[Don’t forget to interact with people]


When you develop cancer, you are always afraid, anxious, and sad.

If you are swept away by that wave,

Eventually, I was caught in a wave of fear, anxiety, and sadness.

Even my heart is filled with fear, anxiety, and sadness.

When you have cancer, look around for the people around you.

And please touch.

Only then will you notice.


 To the warmth of the hearts of the  
  people who surround themselves


Around me, who became a childhood cancer survivor at that time,

There were very warm people, and that warmth saved me.

Even in the case of childhood cancer, like me, I can appreciate the warmth and gratitude.

If there is a patient whose heart is likely to be dominated by fear, anxiety and sadness,

I want you to be aware of that.



      With a calm feeling

    I want you to fight cancer.


When I was a childhood cancer survivor at the time, my heart’s support was

That they were the people around

In particular, I would like all childhood cancer survivors to know as soon as possible.

I got in touch with the people around me a lot

Talk a lot,

I wish I could be happy and have a relationship.




At the age of 10, one in one million people develops a rare cancer (osteosarcoma).
Cancer notification, amputation of right leg and life expectancy from the attending physician. From my own experience, I would like to convey the hearts of cancer patients, especially children with childhood cancer, to the world.